construction site security

We offer a full range of services for whatever security solution your business needs. We offer the following services: Corporate Building Security – We offer both armed and unarmed security officers to ensure the complete and continual protection of your premises, with all our armed personnel fully trained and licensed to carry firearms. ON-SITE SECURITY Our guards provide protection for construction sites, ensuring the security of the property and any equipment on-site, removing any opportunities for theft and vandalism. PARKING LOT SECURITY With vehicle theft one of the most common crimes, parking lots are, needless to say, particularly vulnerable. Our security officers provide the protection and deterrent needed to keep your staff and customers’ cars safe from theft and damage. MOBILE PETROL SERVICES Ideal for businesses, gated communities, and residential areas, our drive-by mobile security patrols monitor locations on a regular basis throughout the night, ensuring the safety of the residents and their property. construction site security

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