Feeling beautiful and at home in your own skin is invaluable and my makeup application works with this in mind. I love enhancing all your best features, enabling you to shine - seeing you glowing in your skin is what I live for. We all know that going to a special event with your makeup taken care of is a liberating feeling and I love witnessing the joy of clients waltzing off to an event feeling beautifully empowered. No matter the look you choose, what's most important to me is that you are comfortable in your skin. The time spent refining my craft over 12 years of work has helped to develop core skills that enable me to help you not only look, but feel incredible too. I focus on thorough consultation so we can create your perfect look, in a way that helps you feel understood and heard. My work is varied and has seen me grow competent in working in a number of styles, but more importantly with many skin textures and tones. Your skin is important to me and that’s why I only use quality MAC, NARS and Urban Decay products. Being a fully qualified beauty therapist also means you can rest assured knowing with me, your skin is in expert hands. I’ve had the privilege of working at reputable salons and with industry experts in wedding, TV/Film, editorial, catwalk, and special event work. My career highlights have included time spent on film shoots including local dramas (The Gone, One Lane Bridge, Under The Vines ), and on movie sets including The Power of The Dog. All of this aside, my success is seeing you in the chair feeling taken care of, heard and feeling beautiful. I’m based in Queenstown, however as a freelance makeup artist I primarily am found where work takes me. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing you looking and feeling gorgeous.

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