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I created Linguatarian as a free tool in order to make learning a new language accessible to all. Linguatarian is the name of my language-learning community. People from all over the world gather to make friends and learn and teach their languages. Our community is very diverse, with many people interacting from all over the world. We have social media accounts and a YouTube channel where we post lessons and the occasional gaming video. We are currently in the process of creating a dating app that prioritizes language learning within the matchmaking process. Love Language will be an extension of Linguatarian, solely focusing on the romantic side of things whereas Linguatarian will be maintained as the place for finding friendships and help learning a language. There are many reasons people learn a foreign language, from job prospects to it being the language your family speaks, but for love is probably at the top of the list. Nothing is more encouraging than trying to surprise your significant other or to get in with their family like learning their language. My belief is this: why not encourage that in a new type of dating app? The idea behind Love Language is to combine the elements from typical language learning apps like Tandem and typical dating apps like Bumble. In practice, this looks as follows: Mirroring of a language learning app such as Tandem's mandatory choosing of fluency levels of all of the different languages you speak after going through your profile creation similar to that of a typical dating app. Though there are dating apps such as Bumble and Boo which allow users to choose which languages they speak, there is no ability to indicate which level you are and the user is not obligated to input this information, with many not even knowing about it. On most apps, if it even offers it in the first place, it is only accessible after the profile has been created. Polish lessons

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